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Missing you!

Wheew, I miss you guys. I hope you miss me! I have all these writing ideas rolling around in my head and no one to share them with. Not ready to make my comeback though but living life temporarily unplugged is interesting. Still doing a terrible job of juggling what I should be doing for my health and what I want to be doing for my career and my ever-changing role in the Jewish community.

In the meantime, I hope you all have a wonderful Passover. Not only am I in gorgeous Los Angeles for Pesach, but because the Jew of color world is so small, I just met the star of one of my favorite posts from last year when he recognized me at a local restaurant: “Sighting: The Black Jew”.
Remember that even though you can’t find me on Twitter or Facebook, you can still contact me the “old-fashioned way” via email (it’s at the bottom of the blog).

Be sure to check out this great interview by Daniela Weiss-Bronstein in The Jewish Press. Thankfully, I did not make a fool out of myself. “Pretty Worth It in the End.”

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