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Was it worth it?

With “Worth it? Really?” Blogger MaNishtana responds to the hateful comments posted in response to my interview in the latest issue of The Jewish Press.

Honestly, the whole thing just makes my heart hurt.
It’s truly unfortunate what some confused, misinformed individuals believe I stand for (I have never pretended to represent anyone but myself) and how they’ve twisted my words and my life story to sully a beautiful interview and perpetuate hate right in time for Passover.
I hope that prospective converts do not for a second read those hateful comments and believe that this represents all of Judaism, because this certainly does not represent the Jews who will take you in and make you a part of their extended family.
I never imagined that I would end up being “controversial” or become “an eternal hate magnet” for believing that Jews should treat each other (and non-Jews and all people) with respect.
As with every Passover, I commemorate freedom, the freedom of being able to use writing to touch people’s lives and always the freedom I attained, and never imagined I would, at 17 when I escaped my abusive childhood home.
But this Passover, I also pray for another kind of freedom, freedom from the baseless hatred that threatens to tear the Jewish people (whether they are converts, born Jews or Jews of all colors, stars and stripes) apart.
And I also hope for freedom from the way I have let people like these confused, misinformed individuals pollute my heart, my mind, my life and my love for Jews and Judaism.

A happy (and healthy) Passover to everyone!
P.S. Many thanks to those who have taken a break from their Pesach preparations to send me the loveliest of fan mail. Your support means a lot to me!

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