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What’s your favorite article?

Hey, this year I’m hoping that one of my published articles from 2009 will win the 2009 Be’chol Lashon Media Awards “for excellence in reporting on global Judaism.”

So which was your favorite article?

#1: 10 Questions with Author Ernest Adams (

Up close and personal with author Ernest H. Adams about his memoir, “From Ghetto to Ghetto: An African American Journey to Judaism.” Adams had some noteworthy things to say about his experiences during Jim Crow, joining in the Jewish community and what he thinks about the rift between the Jewish and African-American communities.

#2: Three Religions, Three Cultures and A Search for Identity (

In this profile/review, I took a look at a fresh new memoir from Jewess Sadia Shepard and how it wrestled with the idea of hyphenated identity and particularly hers, growing up Muslim, Prostetant, mixed race and finding out she was Jewish, too!
#3: Bagels & Locks: How My Jewish Husband Taught Me To Love My Hair (

How breaking away from a family culture of hair straightening at all costs was only a curl (and a Jewish husband) away.

#4: A Lesson for Jews in Gates’ Arrest (Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles)

The arrest of one Harvard professor left me feeling violated and exposed in the Jewish community.

3 thoughts on “What’s your favorite article?

  1. I think that given the description of the award, the articles that best represents the global aspect is #2: “Three Religions…” I think it is also the best written for these five pieces. The link to the article did not work, so I found it with a search on the IFF website:

    But although the book review of #2 is well-written, it is kind of secondary reporting. So I would might also vote for #4 “A Lesson…” which is more personal.

    Even though #3 is a good article, it touches on both race and Jewish aspects less directly.


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