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What’s your favorite blog post from 2009?

Hey, this year I’m hoping that my blog will win the 2009 Be’chol Lashon Media Awards “for excellence in reporting on global Judaism.”

I have to choose three blog posts that represent “Memoirs of a Jewminicana” but I’m stuck between these five. Which three should I submit?

#1: “A Video Response to ‘Where are you from?'”

What I wish I could tell people when they ask me, “Where are you from?”

#2: “One more stupid comment, one more stupid question and I’m slapping someone!”

Why I’m sick of getting “the Spanish Inquisition” every time I walk into a Jewish setting just because I’m a Jew of color.

#3: “The Invisible Woman”

When curiosity overwhelms good manners because…you’re the person with the most melanin in the room.

#4: “The Mikvah and ‘Black’ Hairstyles”

Why going to the mikvah with your “nappy hair” isn’t all it’s cracked up to be!

#5: “Sighting: The Black Jew”

What a seven-year-old white Jewish girl thinks when she spots a black Jew.

8 thoughts on “What’s your favorite blog post from 2009?

  1. My choice would be every single post you have written.

    but if i have to narrow it down to three out of the five you have chosen, it would be

    TOP 1 – One more stupid comment
    second place – the invisible woman
    third – The mikvah

    How many times can we vote for you and where?


  2. My votes:

    #1:”Where are you from?” I don't usually like video blog posts because they don't usually say much that couldn't be done better with a written post. And I'm impatient and read much faster than I can watch a video. But that video is wonderful with just the right expressions and tone of voice.

    #2 “One more stupid comment”

    #3 “Invisible woman”

    So I happen to rate your posts in the order you listed them. I think I like your posts on looking different because I have had the very same experiences.

    I hope you win an award!


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