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My Judaism…

My friend and fellow blogger Hadassah of In the Pink asked me to post this……

“We have an occasional feature on my blog called My Judaism. Readers submit pieces of prose that talk about the reader’s own personal Judaism. What Judaism means to them, what their spiritual journey has been, thoughts and feelings about belonging (or not) to this group of people. I welcome submissions from all. This is about a person’s own spiritual journey. I have always been so interested in why people convert to Judaism, why they decide to become more / less religious, why they decided to give it all up / take it all on, how being around Judaism has influenced them. There are so many lessons to be learned from everybody’s spiritual journeys.

I would love to have some more submissions and to give people a chance to get their stories out there.

For submission guidelines, please click here. To read those pieces already printed click here.”

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