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Hey, hey, hey from LA!

Hey from LA!

Wow, I’ve really been getting a lot of email lately from new readers and fans! Thank you for sharing so many of your amazing stories with me! I hope that people can be patient awaiting my responses. I am no longer responding to every email but I do read all of them and I try to answer the most time sensitive ones as quickly as possible. For the next few months, I’m also avoiding committing myself to speaking or writing engagements or continuing to offer support to converts over the phone and Skype.
A couple of things to please keep in mind when reaching out to me for help. I’m not a social worker and am on the whole very unfamiliar with Jewish organizations in LA or elsewhere that can help if you’re dealing with a financial, health, job related crisis, etc. With queries of that nature, I do try to gather the most information I can and then forward it on to more knowledgeable friends who are social workers and might be able to direct you to the right place. But again, because my experience is so limited in this area, I don’t have the greatest track record of being able to help in these situations.
Again, I’m just a blogger, writer, speaker, teacher, Rebbetzin-in-training-wheels, etc. While I can probably connect you to a rabbi or community if you’re interested in converting or offer advice or support to someone just starting out the process, usually the most help I can offer someone is an ear or connections to others in similar situations. Outside of my limited area of “expertise” (freelance writing, blogging, speaking, Jews of color, Jewish diversity, Jewish multiculturalism, Jewish conversion), I’m pretty useless. For instance: Though I have linked to many different types of articles on adoption in the Jewish community, I do not know very much about it and will usually direct people to check out The Jewish Multiracial Network” or Be’chol Lashon or recommend they contact friends who have firsthand knowledge in this area.

Also to keep in mind, I’m not from Los Angeles and though my husband was raised here and we have family out here, I’m still getting my bearings and networking to make contacts out here in my aforementioned areas of expertise. I’ve only really just gotten here and most of my stuff is still piled up in boxes!
Since May, I’ve been dealing with a lot of health issues unrelated to my fibromyalgia. Being chronically ill all the time and then developing health problems on top of that can be pretty frightening and overwhelming. Plus the move from New York to Los Angeles also took its toll on my body. I’m not sure when and if I will be able to return to blogging, freelance writing or speaking regularly but I thank you all from the sweet emails you’ve sent my way and I hope that I’ve been able to connect you to others who could use the blogging, freelance writing and speaking gigs.
Thankfully after many months of rejections, I have finally obtained healthcare in Los Angeles on September 1st! Now I’m getting to know my new doctors…and how to get around my posh surroundings. I have a palm tree in front of my apartment! How cool is that?! Not so cool is having your doctor tell you that you’re not well enough to even take driving lessons in a place that doesn’t have a subway system! Thankfully as a native New Yorker, I don’t think too much about walking 2 miles to the nearest movie theater.
By the way, as long as we’re talking about stuff that is not cool…having people I know well or worst people I barely know constantly asking me intrusive questions or making callous comments about my employment status or the status of my uterus is so not cool! I can remind myself that I’m fat, childless and broke without any help from outsiders!
And now…ONward to go answer some of those emails and try to figure out the (laughable) Los Angeles public transportation system!
Check out this totally random Sesame Street YouTube video that’s been circulating and making thousands laugh uproariously!

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