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Driven to Distraction

Harrison Ford is Jewish. I found this out on Shabbat. This, of course, led to an obsessive search for other Jewish actors on Wikipedia. I wish I could say this was my first search. But, alas, it wasn’t. Back when I found out Sammy Davis, Jr. converted to Judaism, I put in a good amount… Continue reading Driven to Distraction


Playing with Oil Pastels

One more art class and it’s over for my artistic abilities this summer. I was hoping that taking a class would get me drawing again but I can’t seem to manage my time well enough to crack open my pad and pencils every other day. Here are three pieces from my fifth art class. We… Continue reading Playing with Oil Pastels

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Purple Pastel People Eater

Here’s my piece from the third week of my art class. I skipped week three which apparently involved paint. Ew, paint. I’m a control freak so I prefer pencils, conte and sometimes, charchoal. I’m not a big fan of this particular piece. It’s my first venture into pastels. They are incredibly messy and unwieldy. Plus… Continue reading Purple Pastel People Eater

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Reading about Writing

I just finished The Situation and The Story: The Art of the Personal Narrative by Vivian Gornick. It’s one of the many books on writing stacked up in my new Los Angeles “office.” And what a read, it was more than a little overwhelming. By critiquing a number of great writers, Gornick attempts to convey… Continue reading Reading about Writing


Getting my money’s worth

Here are some more of my “masterpieces” from my Figure Drawing class. My patience was wearing a little thin this week with beginning every work with contour drawing (ie, outlining the figure). Plus, the teacher kept trying to coerce me to make up fantastical landscapes in the back of the figure instead of leaving the… Continue reading Getting my money’s worth

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Naked People

I’m taking a Figure Drawing class out here in what my rabbi calls, “La la land.” I’ll admit that it’s strange to be classmates with George Clooney’s landscaper. Plus, I learned in my writing class that when people say they’re “in the industry,” they mean Hollywood. The class, which is held at a local community… Continue reading Naked People

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Where Does Your Garden Grow

I was whisked away to a garden in a Beverly Hills backyard yesterday. It’s part of my Los Angeles education program, which so far includes writing classes, art classes, driving lessons and garden-hopping. Above is a collage of the photos that nearly took out my Blackberry when I tried to email them to friends! The… Continue reading Where Does Your Garden Grow

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What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

I’ve been obsessed for the last few weeks with purchasing a laptop. As previously mentioned, Hubbie and I are headed to Los Angeles for an internship (him) and book writing (me). In between all that work, we’re planning to squeeze in Spanish classes (him) and Art classes (me). Instead of dragging my sickly HP desktop… Continue reading What I was doing when I wasn’t blogging

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When Everyone’s a Critic (Doctor)

I survived the Seders. Well, barely. I haven’t had the routine exercise my fibromyalgia needs in order to allow my body to run smoothly. My brain is hazy from the exhaustion of eating too much, sitting too much and exercising too little. I’ve either adjusted to LA time or I’m waking up in the afternoons… Continue reading When Everyone’s a Critic (Doctor)

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Going ghetto (getting violent and inappropriate) on revisions

There is a point where you’ve probably revised too much and might be killing the writing in a piece, lucky for you, I haven’t gotten there yet with “The Girl in the Wetsuit” story. The story focuses on how I spend my spare time explaining cultural nuances, both Jewish and not, to the masses. It’s… Continue reading Going ghetto (getting violent and inappropriate) on revisions