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Where Does Your Garden Grow

I was whisked away to a garden in a Beverly Hills backyard yesterday. It’s part of my Los Angeles education program, which so far includes writing classes, art classes, driving lessons and garden-hopping. Above is a collage of the photos that nearly took out my Blackberry when I tried to email them to friends! The… Continue reading Where Does Your Garden Grow

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Back on my movie fix

I spent my three-day weekend doing my part to help movie theaters stay open. I’ve been ignoring my Netflix DVDs in favor of hunkering down at my favorite air-conditioned and crowded theater in Manhattan to celebrate the new summer movie season. Did I mention that I’ve always been obsessed with movies? In junior high, I… Continue reading Back on my movie fix

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Seder Confusion

http://www.mimisammis.com Hey, people, despite the last post, I promise you, I had a fantastic set of seders. Stop apologizing.My favorite seder was the second because my non-Jewish little sister got to experience her first seder with my in-laws in Los Angeles. But the first seder was great fun thanks to my husband’s aunt and her… Continue reading Seder Confusion

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An Update to Aliza’s Portfolio

Aside from today being Hubbie’s 26th birthday (they do grow up so fast), I was published in The Jewish Woman online magazine at The link, if I haven’t already bombarded you with it via email or Facebook, can be found on the left under “Aliza’s Published Works.” Does this mean I’m officially a Jewish… Continue reading An Update to Aliza’s Portfolio

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Just one of those days

Oy, another deadline missed. I mean, if I can’t make a self-imposed deadline…! My husband is grumpy. It’s 12:22am and he wants me to come to bed. Something about me being a workaholic. Lots of guilt, etc. I woke up this morning and ran to the post office, then the bank and then off to… Continue reading Just one of those days