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The following broadcast will be brought to you…

http://www.hulu.com/embed/ecsrg_rGdP7psJkobtukZA by the letters S, A and P. (Get it?) Conan O’Brien is trying to embrace his Latino viewers out here in Los Angeles. Sure, there are stereotypes (sexy Latina) but it seems like Conan has been doing his telenovela (Spanish soap opera) homework!

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Spelling Circles Round Y’all

I know it’s shocking to some people that I can speak such good English. I mean, it’s not like it’s my first language or anything. It’s not like my parents, who both came to the States as children, were fluent in English or anything. I mean, really, it’s not like I read the classics for… Continue reading Spelling Circles Round Y’all

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Going, Going…er, Ghetto…Gone?

I’m not very good at guarding my tongue which is probably why that part of the Shemoneh Esrei, the prayer Jews say three times a day, that focuses on this common human defect is my favorite. But I’m working on it. I’m particularly watching the vocabulary I use and how that might be offensive to… Continue reading Going, Going…er, Ghetto…Gone?

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Cultural Confusion

Isn’t it confusing? Won’t it be confusing for your children? People constantly ask me these questions. They think being Dominican, American and Jewish sounds really complicated. Mostly, they’re trying to put a damper on my multicultural mojo. So here I am in Los Angeles for Pesach (Passover) stocking up on yucca and plantains so I… Continue reading Cultural Confusion

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Punched in the gut

I feel like these thing sneak up on me and punch me in the gut. So there we were sitting all unassuming like, before Pesach (Passover), in the Fish Grill, my favorite place to eat in Los Angeles. My husband and I were wedged into a corner table when some guys plopped down in the… Continue reading Punched in the gut

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To Hell in a Hand Basket

Greetings again from Los Angeles where my mother-in-law’s Honduran maid is an Evangelical Christian. She is sweet. But she reminded me very politely that people who don’t accept Jesus are going to hell. This is what I get for trying to practice my Spanish with her. In all fairness, I think some communication lines got… Continue reading To Hell in a Hand Basket

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Oooh, I can sing in Ladino!

Oy. Now I have to practice my Spanish, learn Hebrew and Ladino. I’m going to need a good long life for this kind of venture. I’m actually doing much better in Ladino than Hebrew. Can you guess which Pesach song this is?

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What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT

Twittering before, during, after the wedding:Going to a wedding today. Separate seating for men and women. Sheitels and fancy hats will abound. Will try not to wear a sack. 9:40 AM Mar 22nd from web My father-and sister-in-law are in town for the wedding and passed out on our couches. Because I am not social… Continue reading What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT

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Where are you from ORIGINALLY?

The WEDDING I can’t sleep. I went to a wedding last night. No worries, I think I did very well. I didn’t notice myself doing anything embarrassing, though I’ll admit that isn’t the best way to make sure since I’m not the best barometer on these things. Oh, one confession, I used a bad word.… Continue reading Where are you from ORIGINALLY?

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In SAP, please.

An article on a Hispanic blog called “Hispanic Trending” written by Juan Tornoe claims that parents are now focusing on making their kids multilingual. In “A bilingual future: More parents are sending their kids to language classes” , Lourdes Rovira claimed, ”The key is the home. It depends on how much respect, how much value… Continue reading In SAP, please.