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Habla Español?

The Chicago Tribune story “Korean-Americans learn Spanish to help out at work” profiles Korean-American employers learning Spanish to be able to communicate with their Hispanic employees. That’s kinda awesome. I mean, I know people who won’t learn Spanish and are Hispanic. I’ve heard of Jews in Washington Heights tutoring Hispanics in English but maybe we… Continue reading Habla Español?

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Too Many Black Children?

The Jewish Week (New York) just did a nice little feature on the new Hebrew language charter school in Brooklyn: “For Now, Hebrew Charter School Is ‘Sababa’”. Don’t blink or else you’ll miss (yeah, right) this line: “The level of racial integration is unusual in a school district that has several overwhelmingly black public schools… Continue reading Too Many Black Children?

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Spend a Shabbat in Uganda

Photo by Judy Gigliotti/Be’chol Lashon “Sukkat Shalom: From Uganda to U.S. and Back” in The Jewish Journal of Greater Los Angeles follows Rabbi Gershom Sizomu returns to lead the followers of Judaism in Uganda after being ordained in Los Angeles. (Of notable mention this time of year, Sizomu’s grandfather was arrested for building a sukkah… Continue reading Spend a Shabbat in Uganda

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Oh, he went there!

Julian Curry talks circles around and about the “n-word” and leaves my mouth hanging wide open. Also check out: “Biracial Hair”

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This is how we do it…

Every Friday evening, the Nunez family sits down to a traditional religious dinner. Moshe Nunez and his family moved to Crown Heights, a New York neighborhood with thousands of Hasidic Jews. 1 of 2 Like most families in their Crown Heights neighborhood in Brooklyn, New York, their Jewish Sabbath meal includes blessings over the wine… Continue reading This is how we do it…

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Reader Story: On Being a Cuban Jew

Dear Aliza: Recently, my mother, who was born and raised in Cuba by Jewish parents and left to come to America at age 19, was in the hospital. There, she shared the room with a Puerto Rican woman who was so happy to be sharing her room with a fellow Spanish speaker, she couldn’t keep… Continue reading Reader Story: On Being a Cuban Jew

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My Name Has Been Changed to Protect The Innocent

Check out my new piece on “Every Name Has a Story”

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The Latest News in Conversion, Jewish Diversity and More!

I apologize for some of these articles being more than a week old. I’ve been trying to reacclimate myself to New York life and so the news articles have been piling up in my inbox. “The Zionist Melting Pot Boils Over” (The Forward) “Integration of Ethiopian immigrants, always a challenge due to cultural and racial… Continue reading The Latest News in Conversion, Jewish Diversity and More!

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Good one!

If you haven’t already checked it out, enjoy this great piece by black Jewish blogger, MaNishtana where he takes the “s-word” and its users to task. Check out: “Brought to you by the letter ‘S’”

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Life in Spanglish

My Spanish and Hebrew need work. Let’s table the Hebrew problem for a moment. To solve the Spanish problem, I’ve started reading in Spanish. But it’s so HARD!!! (Tears in my eyes.) My spoken Spanish is much better than my Spanish reading so I’m reading children’s books or (more fun) this blog, “Life in Spanglish”:… Continue reading Life in Spanglish