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Habla Español?

The Chicago Tribune story “Korean-Americans learn Spanish to help out at work” profiles Korean-American employers learning Spanish to be able to communicate with their Hispanic employees. That’s kinda awesome. I mean, I know people who won’t learn Spanish and are Hispanic. I’ve heard of Jews in Washington Heights tutoring Hispanics in English but maybe we can get the Jews in Washington Heights to learn Spanish. Rock on!

Of course, you know, my motives are purely selfish. Perhaps if the Jews in Washington Heights learn to speak “Dominican,” they’ll start becoming curious about Dominican food and finally, a Dominican kosher restaurant will be born!

One thought on “Habla Español?

  1. This has been going on in my neighborhood for *years.* It's not at all unusual for a local Korean fruit-stand owner to have Latino employees, and, therefore, to end up learning Spanish as a third language.


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