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To Hell in a Hand Basket

Greetings again from Los Angeles where my mother-in-law’s Honduran maid is an Evangelical Christian. She is sweet. But she reminded me very politely that people who don’t accept Jesus are going to hell. This is what I get for trying to practice my Spanish with her. In all fairness, I think some communication lines got crisscrossed and she thought I was trying to convert her.

Does this kind of stuff happen to other people?

9 thoughts on “To Hell in a Hand Basket

  1. Once in college a girlfriend introduced me to her father, a Chilean painter. my friend: Papi te presento a mi amiga. Ella es una artista Guatemalteca y Judia.her father: Yo odio los Judios.me: (silence)And of course there were hours and hours of childhood time devoted to explaining that- no we are not drinking the blood of Christ on Shabbos…


  2. I think it happens to all Jews, Aliza. I’m not sure whether I prefer being pitied or abhorred for “not believing.” It’s so matter-of-fact with some people, and from the casual to vicious nature with which they cast their stones – makes me wonder if their heaven is someone I’d want to be anyway.


  3. sucks, I have family that I know for sure is thinking that but just not saying it out loud. Such is the life of a Jewrican 🙂


  4. When someone once asked me about being a Buju, I explained that I identify as Jewish and practice Buddhism. Then she asked, “But you still believe in Jesus, right?” She lived in Manhattan, so I’m guessing stuff like this happens way more often than anyone bothers to say.


  5. Aliza,I have found that people of color are more eager to try to convert you to their squad if you are brown like them. If I had a dollar for every black person who wants to make me a Christian, I would have my student loans paid off.


  6. Growing up in Indianapolis, in the ’70’s, it was a regular occurrence and at my former job, last year, a construction worker told me that he “liked me” and wanted to see me “in heaven with the Lord.”


  7. My friends cornered me in the locker room in 5th grade and nearly cried when they told me they were really scared I wouldn’t get to go with them during the Rapture because I hadn’t accepted J.C. into my heart. They were seriously afraid that we would be separated during the “end times”!


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