chronic pain/fibromyalgia · pesach

Kashrut (Kosher) Supervisor

Because I was having a fibromyalgia flare-up, I didn’t actually help make anything kosher for Passover. Instead, I supervised. I watched things get steamed, boiled and wiped down. Okay, so I wasn’t actually paying attention and I probably missed a lot.

I did get to catch my husband and his brother fighting. Apparently, when they were little they used to wrestle each other to the ground. They have outgrown this. Instead, they now battle over halakha (Jewish law).

I can still remember fist fighting at Disney World with my younger sister. I can’t remember what we were fighting about but we were certainly both over age 18. I still can’t spend more than an hour with one of my siblings without screaming.

I think this means my in-laws are more civilized.

What does your family fight over on Passover?

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