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Jewish Life in the Present (and Past) Tense

Confession: I’m not a big blog reader. I have a list of favorites that I’m always falling behind on. And yet, lately, I’ve found myself pretty faithful to one particular blog.
“The Jewish Writing Project wants your stories. The blog celebrates Jewish life by giving Jews of all shapes and sizes the opportunity to tell their unique stories. The writing is fierce thanks to Bruce Black, a former editor for a Jewish publishing company, and the amazing contributions from writers from all over the country.

In “A Rally for Harmony,” Mimi Schwartz talks about peace and anti-Semitism in a way that captivates no matter how many times you’ve read up on the subject before. In “Ask Your Father and He’ll Tell You” worries about the intergenerational gaps that cause family memories to get lost.

I promise these stories will keep you hungering for more.

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