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Air Hugs for Everyone!

Remember this piece? Read more about my battle with fibromyalgia and how it was affected my life as a teacher, friend, sister, wife and Jew: “Air Hugs: Fibromyalgia and the Power of Touch”

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Pain, Pain, Go Away…

When someone came up to me today and asked me about fibromyalgia, I thought it was pretty fitting. After all, today is National Fibromyalgia Awareness day. Why is there such a day? Well, most people, unless they suffer from it or have loved ones who suffer from it, have never heard of fibromyalgia. Some doctors… Continue reading Pain, Pain, Go Away…

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Good Mother, Bad Mother, Not Yet a Mother

While all of my closest friends are repopulating the Earth, I am hesitant. There are so many reasons to be. My husband’s still in school. We can’t support ourselves much less a child (how did my mother do it on welfare?). Also, ug, getting pregnant means forgoing possibly every medication that helps keep my fibromyalgia… Continue reading Good Mother, Bad Mother, Not Yet a Mother

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Let Freedom Ring

I remember the taste of freedom. After running away from home, after kidnapping and winning custody of my sister, I was free. I felt so free and happy, I started on a journey that began in church and led to my eventual conversion to Judaism. My first Pesach, I wanted to write my own Haggadah… Continue reading Let Freedom Ring

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Gratitude is nice

My aunt has been trying to get me to keep a gratitude journal since I was in college. But I was all like, sure, I have a full scholarship and I got to run away from home but what do I have to be grateful for? I was so poor in college I ate tuna… Continue reading Gratitude is nice

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Miracles and Moodiness

I’ve been moody all week, swinging up and down riding this life rollercoaster without any Dramamine. I’ve been wildly whiny, throwing immature tantrums in front of my ever patient little sister and husband. I haven’t written a word for my book, the thought was too overwhelming. And I haven’t made it into the gym for… Continue reading Miracles and Moodiness

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News, Glorious (Old) News

Wading through a backlog of New York Times. I can’t seem to keep up with the news on a day-to-day basis. Meanwhile, I uncovered a really great article that talked about Jewish convert Isla Fisher’s new film, “Confessions of a Shopaholic” in light of the economy and tightening budgets. Check out: “Calming the Voices The… Continue reading News, Glorious (Old) News

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What’s up, Doc?

I just got back from getting the medical excuse form for jury duty. The problem is now getting my doctor to fill it out properly. This falls on my general physician. The only doctor I barely trust. When I moved to Riverdale, I stopped visiting my dazzlingly gorgeous rheumatologist in Gramercy Park. After many, many… Continue reading What’s up, Doc?

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Coughing My Brains Out

Cough. Cough. I am sick. This isn’t unusual, is it? I mean, technically with fibromyalgia, I am always sick. I am stuck in bed. Again, also not unusual. It seems like every other day chronic pain exiles me to life between the sheets. I woke up 24 hours ago with an itchy throat which I… Continue reading Coughing My Brains Out

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Laughing Through the Pain

Oh, boy, I haven’t blogged since Sunday. That’s quite a bit of time off for me. I’d like to say that I’m doing spectacularly important things but instead, I’m fighting the demons of depression, pain and fatigue. For the third day in a row, I’ve woken up feeling like my body was pummeled all over… Continue reading Laughing Through the Pain