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Laughing Through the Pain

Oh, boy, I haven’t blogged since Sunday. That’s quite a bit of time off for me. I’d like to say that I’m doing spectacularly important things but instead, I’m fighting the demons of depression, pain and fatigue. For the third day in a row, I’ve woken up feeling like my body was pummeled all over with tiny little baseball bats. It’s doing wonders for my mood as you can imagine.

To lighten things up, I’ve gotten hooked on the show, “30 Rock” which episode after episode manages to squeeze a laugh or two out of me. Tina Fey is definitely at the top of my list of people with whom I’d love to be trapped in an elevator. Hopefully, my body shapes up for tomorrow when I’ll be slogging through all the work I should have been doing since Sunday.

“30 Rock” might not be the cure for fibromyalgia but it’s getting me through this rainy day. (I’m trying not to think about how sad it is that a man just killed himself, his wife and his whole family over unemployment. I’m trying not to think about the fact that NY ran out of money to cover unemployment. I’m trying not to think about all the people out there who are currently unemployed, including myself.)

So this is what my hibernation looks like. It’s also wearing a Lands End baby blue sleep shirt surrounded by magazines (Oprah, Self, Entertainment Weekly, Time) and the novel “Human Parts.” What do you do when you need to get away from it all?

4 thoughts on “Laughing Through the Pain

  1. I'm sorry that you are struggling with depression on top of chronic pain – It's hard enough dealing with fibromyalgia without also having depression. When you have both it's such a double-whammy. I'm glad you get to hibernate for a bit. I hate how hard it is for me to really get away from things. To escape I do the following:I take hot baths. Sometimes with these naturally scented muscle relaxation bath soaks that I make myself. I take a magazine with me and sometimes a cup of tea and just try to relax a bit. If i can afford it (rarely) I go get a massage from this incredible massage therapist who knows how to deal with my particular pain issues in an effective way and helps me SO much.I drive upstate and stay at my parents' house, where it's quiet and peaceful and beautiful and I can even get taken care of sometimes if I need it (and if I will allow it, which I often don't).I read. I watch cooking shows and TLC, House and SNL reruns, anything that will make me laugh. Also Law & Order SVU (a guilty masochistic addiction – lol!) I listen to music… loudly. I do some kind of organizing project around the house (really, this is relaxing to me). I make popcorn and watch something from Netflix.I cook or bake, if I am not in too much pain. I call a friend (I don't talk on the phone to friends much). I write real, snail-mail letters on handmade cards. I scrapbook or do other craft projects.I play WordTwist on Facebook. I drink tea. I take the time to stretch and/or do yoga. I use ice or heat on my muscles. A glass of wine or two can be nice.Every shabbos is an escape of sorts because it's the only day I do a significant amount of reading that's not for school, and get to have quality time with my partner and not be accountable to anything or anybody except myself and Hashem!Reading this list over, I see there are many things on here that I *rarely* do because I feel I can't/shouldn't take the time. I hope as I get better at managing my time I'll be able to give myself permission to escape periodically.


  2. Sorry to hear about your struggles with depression. I have fought that battle recently as well. In the meantime your piece on your “Dominican Jewish wedding” ran in our “Chicago Jewish News” this week. All the best!


  3. I wish there was more I could do for you aside from providing mere words……I hope you feel better soon.I worked in Day Hab and as a Direct care specialist and both places were really good to the employees in regards to how demanding the work was on our bodies (I worked with severe and profound MR/DD population). Every other month or so, they’d run these meetings and workshops on reducing stress and depression. The depression stuff was like finding gold (since I’m constantly walking around with the unexplain reason of feeling “down”)…..aside from writing, which is my ultimate escape…..warm bubble baths lit by candles usually does the trick….also, going for a swim works wonders…..WONDERS I SAY!But truly when all else fails……I pop in any DVD of Friends (I have all ten seasons) or any DVD of Sex In The City (I also have every episode of that). It never fails, it doesn’t matter how often I see it… will manage to perk up my mood with it’s nonsense and humor.Feel better soon.


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