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Rosh Hashanah Resolutions

Here are some of my resolutions for the new year: 1. Save money. This year, I closed my savings account because I didn’t have anything to put in it. Depressing.I’m hopeful that the new year some of the ways I’ve started to cut back will pay off. I got rid of that rarely used fax… Continue reading Rosh Hashanah Resolutions

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The Rastafarian Beret & Other Adventures in Hair Covering

Growing up, I thought obsessing about hair was a “Dominican thing.” Later, I found out it was also a “black thing.” And after converting to Judaism, I realized it was also a “Jewish thing.” I can remember back to a time when I looked forward to covering my hair. It was exciting. So much cooler… Continue reading The Rastafarian Beret & Other Adventures in Hair Covering

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Jerk of the Week

I finally broke down and asked my sister if she thinks I attract jerks. I expected her to respond dismissively as I have responded to blog readers who have suggested the same. But in fact, my sister responded with a resounding “Yes!” Yes, you do attract jerks. So why? Am I wearing some sort of… Continue reading Jerk of the Week

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The World According to Your Uterus

Here’s an update on “My Uterus is None of Your Business”. (See above photo: I knew I forgot to do something this summer!) While I was away the world in Riverdale shifted. And now, all the people I know now fall into these categories: Trying to get pregnant. Pregnant. Just popped. And honestly, that would… Continue reading The World According to Your Uterus

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Making the News!

Last week, the local paper, The Riverdale Press contacted me for an interview. Somehow, they had stumbled upon my blog. During the really-early-in-the-morning interview, I hoped that I wouldn’t embarrass myself too much. Mostly, I didn’t.  Check out: “Blogger chronicles her Catholic past, Jewish present”

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American Jews Talk Israel

PBS talked to some prominent American Jews (including Rabbi Avi Weiss) about their relationship to Israel. “Rabbi Avi Weiss, Hebrew Institute of Riverdale, New York: America is my home. I’m grateful to the US forever and ever. Israel is my homeland and that’s where my family lives, literally and figuratively. When I think about existentially… Continue reading American Jews Talk Israel

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Look Ma, I’m semi-famous!

Wow, that was fast. While hanging out in my pjs the other day (my all-time favorite attire), I was interviewed by someone at The Forward about the Riverdale terrorist plot. Of course, now everyone knows I’m a big scaredy cat but what can you do?  Check out: “Riverdale’s Jews Are Shaken but Stronger”

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Um, ‘kay?

How does the Associated Press even know I exist? This is a question I asked myself last Friday when I got an email from one of their writers asking me if I would mind being interviewed for a community profile on Riverdale. Of course, I said “yes” but I still assumed it was a joke… Continue reading Um, ‘kay?

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Goals for Next Pesach

Okay, so I think this year’s Pesach was better than the last. Maybe I’m blocking out the more unpleasant stuff. I mean, I only cried once so that’s a vast improvement. (No, wait, it was twice. Still….) Anyway, I hope yours was good and fairly uneventful (or eventful, depending on what you were hoping for).… Continue reading Goals for Next Pesach

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What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT

Twittering before, during, after the wedding:Going to a wedding today. Separate seating for men and women. Sheitels and fancy hats will abound. Will try not to wear a sack. 9:40 AM Mar 22nd from web My father-and sister-in-law are in town for the wedding and passed out on our couches. Because I am not social… Continue reading What I hate about being an Orthodox Jew OR How My Rastafarian Beret Came to Represent Rabbi Avi Weiss, HIR and YCT