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The World According to Your Uterus

Here’s an update on “My Uterus is None of Your Business”. (See above photo: I knew I forgot to do something this summer!)

While I was away the world in Riverdale shifted. And now, all the people I know now fall into these categories:

Trying to get pregnant.
Just popped.
And honestly, that would be fine if those of us who did not fit into these categories weren’t treated as if we had absolutely nothing to say of any great import and weren’t being reminded at every turn that “we just don’t know what it’s like because we don’t have any children” and other condescending coos.
Someone get me out of Riverdale…fast!

5 thoughts on “The World According to Your Uterus

  1. My sister gave me that schtick back at my stepmom funeral several years back. My aunt was talking about bribing her granddaughter (my cousin that I don't really know) to get better grades. I mentioned an article in “Psychology Today” that stated scientific research that was done that stated that it doesn't even matter that much WHAT grades you get in high school. What matters is how much of a support system you have in place from the minute you leave high school until say mid-20s, 30 when you're on you're own two feet. This article emphasized the importance of support then not earlier. Well, I was talking about what I think. I was talking about what researchers found. I was over-powered by a chorus of, “you don't know anything because you don't have kids.”

    Just because they didn't grow up until they had kids doesn't mean that's true of everyone.

    Aliza, feel free to re-blog this. I can't put it on my own blog because my sister MIGHT actually have access to it now and I don't want to hear about it.


  2. It doesn't end. Even after you have one child, everyone wants to know when you'll explode again, lol. I cannot remember whom I told that hubby and I might wait five years for another, however, I was given a horrified look and an 'but *gasp* you'll be past thirty!' *sighs and rolls eyes*


  3. Oh, what? People DO this? They ask outright when you're having children or if you're pregnant?! That just seems sooo….. personal. I never ask because one, I know way too many people who are having trouble getting or staying pregnant, and two, you're not supposed to tell anyone that you're pregnant until after the 1st trimester anyway! I thought everyone knew that! That's asking for a kennehura if I ever heard one!


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