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Goals for Next Pesach

Okay, so I think this year’s Pesach was better than the last. Maybe I’m blocking out the more unpleasant stuff. I mean, I only cried once so that’s a vast improvement. (No, wait, it was twice. Still….) Anyway, I hope yours was good and fairly uneventful (or eventful, depending on what you were hoping for). Here are my goals for next Pesach:

1. Do not throw turkey at relatives-in-law for making Mexican jokes.

2. Do not threaten relatives-in-law with bodily harm for using pejorative language about converts.

3. Do not threaten relatives-in-law with bodily harm for ragging on husband.

4. Do not threaten relatives-in-law.

5. Stay home in Riverdale where it is safe, albeit, not as sweetly sunny.

4 thoughts on “Goals for Next Pesach

  1. I don’t know if you have access to HBO but I saw a hysterical Passover episode of Curb your Enthusiasm. Lots of conflict.

    This year I plan on teaching my (already Jewish) husband what kosher for Passover is. After cleaning the house of chametz (though fortunately after the seder) he decided to completely unpack our office) and has already on about 2 occasions brought chametz into the house. LOL needless to say, I gave up (I know says a lot about my tenacity) and decided to roll Sephardic style for the rest of the week. But we’ll try again next year.


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