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Frustrating Fibromyalgia

Someone asked me how my “health thingie” was going. I never know how to answer the question. Though I’ve had fibromyalgia since 2005, most of my friends still have no idea what it is. And the friends and family who don’t see me on a day-to-day basis have no idea how much it affects my… Continue reading Frustrating Fibromyalgia

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Naked People

I’m taking a Figure Drawing class out here in what my rabbi calls, “La la land.” I’ll admit that it’s strange to be classmates with George Clooney’s landscaper. Plus, I learned in my writing class that when people say they’re “in the industry,” they mean Hollywood. The class, which is held at a local community… Continue reading Naked People

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Juggling Badly

One of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes (and I have many) goes something like this: “So be sure when you stepStep with care and great tactAnd remember that Life’sA Great Balancing Act.Just never forget to be dexterous and deftAnd never mix up your right foot with your left.And will you succeed?Yes, you will indeed!(98 and… Continue reading Juggling Badly

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Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

Friday morning, I went into withdrawal. I take nine medications daily. Funny enough, if you can find humor in having a pill case at 27 which of course I do, none of the medications are for fibromyalgia. After years of trying combinations of different medications (from mood stabilizers, anti-seizure meds, anti-inflammatories), including all the ones… Continue reading Withdrawl Weekend=Boring Blog

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What is my full-time job?

I’m at work where there is a serious lack of students to tutor. The one regular is a blind girl who needs things read aloud or typed for her and various other things my disability prevents me from doing. We joke about what two little disabled girls like us are doing in a place like… Continue reading What is my full-time job?

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The Blues

I thought growing up that I was depressed. Life was pretty depressing between the psychotic mom, the deadbeat dad, the suicidal siblings and the pooping/screaming baby half-sister whose pseudo-mom I had become as soon as she popped out. (Hold on while I yell at my husband. Dammit, yes, I ate all the chocolates, yes, I… Continue reading The Blues


I hate you…

Just got back from a jaunt to CVS. Elated about my $9 coupon for anything at CVS, I grabbed some conditioner, some mouthwash (I know, really exciting stuff here) before heading to the pharmacy for three of my presciptions. My favorite curly-haired pharmacist was checking me out (I’m a regular) and we joked about past… Continue reading I hate you…

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We should boycott the New York Times

Gosh, I guess I never really noticed that the NY Times was extremely biased against Israel. I didn’t really read the news every day before coming to Israel. Now I read it just about every hour. Really, that’s about all that’s changed in my life since the war started. I was afraid to get on… Continue reading We should boycott the New York Times

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4 days til Israel

Tomorrow I’m meeting with the director of the school and stocking up on all my medications. Spent Shabbos with a lovely YU family. Good food. Good conversation–some over my head. Most positive people to be with on Shabbos. I had lots of fun and I showed Igor a great side of Washington Heights, the YU… Continue reading 4 days til Israel

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6 Days til Israel

Wow! In six days, I will be in a foreign country. Aside from Canada and the Dominican Republic, I’ve been to no other foreign soil either. This will be the farthest I’ve ventured from my time zone. Meanwhile: Panicking about how I’m going to survive on disability but now EVERYONE at work knows my plans… Continue reading 6 Days til Israel