2006: Where was I when this happened?

I was very sick in 2006 so I somehow missed this or my most recent affliction, Mommy Brain, caused it to be erased from my brain. My husband wants me to send this to my father, who by the way went to high school and college here after his mother emigrated to New York City… Continue reading 2006: Where was I when this happened?


Jews of Color: Woke as Hell Edition

After a long night of insomnia due to complications with my delayed sleep phase disorder, I created a new Facebook group for Jews of color by Jews of color. You can find us on Facebook here: Jews of Color: Woke as Hell Edition


Facebook Fan Page

After receiving many more Facebook friend requests than I could handle I have brought my Facebook fan page back from the dead! If you’d like to join again, here is the link Aliza Hausman: Memoirs of a Jewminicana Facebook Fan Page!  


I woke up to this the first day of Hanukkah. It was sent to me by a fan in the UK who had it come up on her feed. When I posted on YouTube and Facebook that the content was racist, and other friends did as well, I was blocked and my comments were erased… Continue reading

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About My Ancestry.com Test Results

So, it’s been a while but I wanted to post this video I made. I was asked to do it by another Dominican on Facebook who told me that many young Dominicans are posting videos discussing their Ancestry.com results to raise awareness about our mixed heritage. While I was born in New York City, as… Continue reading About My Ancestry.com Test Results


"You’re Jewish?"

“Well, they let black people do anything these days. Thanks, Obama.” And that’s not even the best quote from this video! Enjoy.


In the Wee Hours

I have a sleep disorder, delayed sleep phase disorder which means that I wake up around 11am or later and go to bed around 3am.  It’s strange to be up in the wee hours after everyone has gone to sleep. It’s hours of time that I have to myself and have never really known what to do… Continue reading In the Wee Hours

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The Color of Us: 50+ books about Mixed Race Families

Check out this amazing list of books featuring mixed race families: 50+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families Almost all the of these books are on Amazon for purchase. They’re also now on my son’s birthday wish list as there is almost nothing he likes to do more than “read” books to himself or have… Continue reading The Color of Us: 50+ books about Mixed Race Families


Overscheduled and Scared: Life without Morphine

In an attempt to get out of the house, I’ve now become over-scheduled. Once a week, it’s Mommy & Me music class. Twice a week, it’s swim lessons for my son. Twice a week, it was (see emphasis, WAS) Mommy & Me yoga with my son. And then there’s twice a week with a personal… Continue reading Overscheduled and Scared: Life without Morphine


Losing it

I’m losing it. No, really, I’m not and that’s part of the problem. Don’t worry, I’m no talking about my mind. I’m talking about my waistline. I’ve successfully lost 50 pounds in the not-so-distant past (2014) but in 2015, while pregnant, I gained 60 pounds. In the numbers game that is losing and gaining weight… Continue reading Losing it