Queen of Amazon


A little known fact about me is that I review free products for Amazon Vine. Before I had my now 22-month-old son, I used to review every single thing that I posted on Amazon and I was one of the top 2,000 reviewers. That sounds really cool but honestly I wanted to crack the top 500 because, you know, life goals.

Eventually Amazon invited me to its program where “the most trusted reviewers on Amazon…post opinions about new and pre-release items to help their fellow customers make informed decisions.” It’s a pretty neat program as on a daily basis, I get to pick products to review and most of them are catered to my interests (new toys for my son, a jacket for my husband and a car seat). Today it was dog food for my mother-in-law’s dog and yesterday, it was a new Alen air purifier. At the end of the year, I get a 1099 like any employee but some of the items have no tax value while others are at a reduced price.

Most of my experiences reviewing things before this were for Tail Slate-The Last Word in Movies. You can still find my reviews here. As I wrote in a previous blog, my dream job–which I turned down due to kidnapping my sister–was working at Entertainment Weekly writing about movies, television and books. I’ve never felt qualified to write about music because there’s such a gap in my education from having immigrant parents who listened to either Latino music or the Beegees. I didn’t even know who the Beatles were until high school because my best friend was a big fan. I had heard their music before because it was in movies.

I am, highly Google-able, which I was told isn’t a great thing for a Rebbetzin (rabbi’s wife). Rebbetzin’s are usually super mysterious but how mysterious is your Rebbetzin when you can Google her private blog, interviews she’s done or how she was scared she was during bomb threats in Israel?

If you’d like to read my product reviews and no way too much about my purchases: Aliza M Hausman, Amazon Vine Reviewer, you can follow me here. I do a lot of reviews on baby products but also some great stuff I use around the house and technological devices. I’m going to create a separate blog for this as soon as I figure out how to do that.

My husband calls me the “Queen of Amazon” as I help lots of friends and family pick out and decide between all sorts of different products saving them time and money.

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