A Member of Two Tribes: Native American and Jewish

Native American AND Jewish? A member of two tribes, Emily Bowen Cohen is giving a talk at CSUN next Tuesday, November 14 at 9:30 about my comics. There are ten seats open to the public. She will talk about my experiences growing up Native American and Jewish. She will also also talk about my joy… Continue reading A Member of Two Tribes: Native American and Jewish

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Get matched & help a family in Puerto Rico

It might surprise some of you that this self-described Jewminicana actually has a Puerto Rican great-grandfather. I am 7/8 Dominican and 1/8 Puerto Rican. My great-grandfather Demetrio Marrero-Vasquez (pictured below with me in his lap) was a Boricua through and through. I am often asked by people, both Dominican and not, who wonder aloud that… Continue reading Get matched & help a family in Puerto Rico


Follow me on Facebook

Back by popular demand, I’ve resurrected my old Facebook fan page for this blog. Many of you have contacted me with friend requests after noticing that I had deactivated the page, which had fallen dormant. Here is the new link: https://www.facebook.com/jewminicana/. If you’re not on Facebook, you can always follow me on Twitter or other social… Continue reading Follow me on Facebook


Queen of Amazon

A little known fact about me is that I review free products for Amazon Vine. Before I had my now 22-month-old son, I used to review every single thing that I posted on Amazon and I was one of the top 2,000 reviewers. That sounds really cool but honestly I wanted to crack the top… Continue reading Queen of Amazon


This is what Jewish looks like

Thank you Arel Moodie at The Art of Likability for making my day with this photo. Want this shirt brought to you by Jews in All Hues and other similar swag? Check out the JIAH Swag for more goodies. Follow Arel on Twitter and Facebook! Follow Jews in All Hues on Twitter and Facebook!  

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The Short History of a Fan Girl

Confession: I am a total fan girl. I love books. I love movies. I love TV. I love myself some stories. And I really love the good ones. As a kid in an abusive home, I also really needed the escape that came from being able to visit a world outside my own. It helped… Continue reading The Short History of a Fan Girl


2006: Where was I when this happened?

I was very sick in 2006 so I somehow missed this or my most recent affliction, Mommy Brain, caused it to be erased from my brain. My husband wants me to send this to my father, who by the way went to high school and college here after his mother emigrated to New York City… Continue reading 2006: Where was I when this happened?


Jews of Color: Woke as Hell Edition

After a long night of insomnia due to complications with my delayed sleep phase disorder, I created a new Facebook group for Jews of color by Jews of color. You can find us on Facebook here: Jews of Color: Woke as Hell Edition


Facebook Fan Page

After receiving many more Facebook friend requests than I could handle I have brought my Facebook fan page back from the dead! If you’d like to join again, here is the link Aliza Hausman: Memoirs of a Jewminicana Facebook Fan Page!  


I woke up to this the first day of Hanukkah. It was sent to me by a fan in the UK who had it come up on her feed. When I posted on YouTube and Facebook that the content was racist, and other friends did as well, I was blocked and my comments were erased… Continue reading