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Not a Rabbi, Not a Celebrity

Here is a comment I made in response to questions about my last piece. I thought I would upgrade it to a blog post:

I am not a posek, not any kind of rabbinical authority, and anything I discuss with my rabbi is between him and me (and not just because he tells me not to blog about it).

I do think we need to do better PR for the Orthodox community with intermarried couples. Intermarried couples who have good experiences in the community tend to become good frum couples where the non-Jewish couple converts because of a real love of Judaism. This does not mean that I am pro-intermarriage.

As for gays, I have whole books on the subject. It is a subject very close to my heart for reasons I have previously mentioned on this blog. I have seen so many good friends suffer. I believe that homosexuality is something that you are born with which means that G-d put homosexuals on Earth with us for a reason. And while I do believe in halakha (always and forever), I will not stop speaking to or isolate myself from gay friends anymore than I will stop speaking to my witch sister or my Christian friends. (Incidentally, my grandmother still talks to me even though she obviously disagrees with some of my lifestyle choices. She would be much happier if I accepted Jesus.)

This blog is not about rabbinics. There are plenty of nice friends of mine who are rabbis and are blogging about things from a rabbinic point of view. This blog is about my feelings and my most random thoughts, how I see and struggle with the world.

But remember that you are not seeing into my entire house, you are seeing through one tiny window that I allow you to see. And just because I leave the curtains open there does not mean, I have to open the door entirely and just let anyone in.

As always feel free to ask your questions but remember that I don’t have to answer any of them.

P.S. Like I said in another comment, don’t make the mistake of thinking a public figure is a role model. This is why our kids in America look up to basketball players and Paris Hilton. I am no more a role model than Lindsay Lohan is.

7 thoughts on “Not a Rabbi, Not a Celebrity

  1. Ah but b’eztem you have a ton of potential to be a great role-model. (Where as I have a hard time saying that about other public figures).


  2. Aliza, there are times that I disagree with some of the things you write about, how you dealt with things, and how you present them. But you know what, I love that you are at least talking about these things and putting them out there. I am sorry, but I really do not appreciate the whole ‘Look at me, I’m frum, I’m completely happy, my life is perfect!’ routine. When you are truly looking to take on a new lifestyle…you do not want the “Mayberry” version of the story. Well at least I don’t. I want to hear about the difficult parts as well. The pain as well. The problems as well. Because if no one talks about it, how can we ever hope to improve? So for that, you have my full encouragement and support. And your writings are very much appreciated.But yes I agree, just because you are willing to share this information and talk about this stuff, that doesn’t mean you are the perfect Jew, and expert, a role model, whatever. You are just a Jewish woman with a story to tell.Hashem is “dayan emes” and no one else! Everyone has an axe to grind. Well talk to G-d about it, and stop terrorizing people in the meantime!


  3. Well said.And like any good houseguest, people can respectfully disagree, or be obnoxious. As our ever so gracious hostess, you can toss the rude and obnoxious out on their ….Thanks for letting us put our feet up on your cyber sofa. (Slices up the cyber flan for the other guests).


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