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Sheitel is a wig

(If my Mom had known about wigs, I think she would have just shaved my head as a kid.)

Someone asked me to define “sheitel” today. And as usual, I was only too happy to explain. I always find it incredible when I get to explain the Orthodox Jewish world to other people. It makes me feel smart.

(Is it so terrible that I would rather have a blu-ray DVD player than one of these?)
Then I had to explain that no, most Orthodox Jewish women are not bald underneath these wigs. That’s not how it works.
And the person I was talking to was also under the misconception that women are supposed to cover their hair to look unattractive to other men. (No, sometimes that’s just the byproduct of the situation.) It is interesting to note that this person I was talking to believes that it doesn’t seem right that women can just cover their hair with hair that looks even better than theirs. But doesn’t everyone secretly want to have a good hair day every day?
Not that I can fit a sheitel over my head (in these photos, I am actually using a bandana to tie down my hair and there is still a bump you can’t see in the photos) but for me, it’s problematic that a sheitel makes me look like a completely different person, even a completely different race and ethnicity. And it’s not like they make sheitels that look like my hair. (I swear I posted these before but I can’t find them anywhere on the site.)

3 thoughts on “Sheitel is a wig

  1. The second cut is cute.But seriously whenever searching for wigs online I always end up on “ethnic wig” sites.Isn’t it just the Jewish wig companies that only make “caucasian” styles?Other wig sites seem to be filled with the opposite.


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