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The Go Green Mitzvah? Parshat Ki Teitzei from More Torah cartoons at © 20

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Leaving Los Angeles

For the second year in a row, my husband and I spent our summer in Los Angeles. Again, my husband was playing the role of rabbinic intern at a local Orthodox congregation, Bnai David Judea, where he, in fact, had his bar mitzvah. And while he was off learning to be a rabbi, everyone wondered… Continue reading Leaving Los Angeles

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Animated Torah!

Getting me to read the Parsha HaShuva, the weekly Torah portion, usually involves whining. On my part. Let it never be said that my yetzer hara is dead. But I’m working on it. Thanks to a little help from above, I’ve discovered “G-dcast.” Torah with pictures!!!!!!! Can you hear my excitement? So yeah, I’m a… Continue reading Animated Torah!