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Animated Torah!

Getting me to read the Parsha HaShuva, the weekly Torah portion, usually involves whining. On my part. Let it never be said that my yetzer hara is dead. But I’m working on it.

Thanks to a little help from above, I’ve discovered “G-dcast.” Torah with pictures!!!!!!! Can you hear my excitement?

So yeah, I’m a visual learner. (Almost a fashion illustrator in a former life.) If it wasn’t for The Ten Commandments according to Charleton Heston, I might not be Jewish today!

So hooray for animated Torah!

Parshat Shoftim from

More Torah cartoons at

One thought on “Animated Torah!

  1. And hooray for Aliza! If it weren't for our referrer logs, we wouldn't know who watches our work. It's great to discover your blog…I've been reading it for the last half hour and it's great to “meet you.”

    Thanks for tuning into!! We can't believe we have almost finished the whole Torah. Enjoy…and thanks for your blog.


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