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It’s Almost Bikini Season…or Not.

“Come on ladies, it’s almost bikini season!” my Aqua Aerobics teacher likes to yell whenever she reminds us to “engage our core muscles” during our weekly class. [My doctor makes me go to these water aerobics classes because they’re very good for my joint hypermobility syndrome (HMS) and my fibromyalgia (FMS) . Before I knew… Continue reading It’s Almost Bikini Season…or Not.

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Too Black to Swim Here

Did you hear the story about the African-American (and Hispanic) kids and the swim club? Basically, a camp took their kids to a private swim club (they had paid for the privilege) and while there, they heard all sorts of comments like “What are all these black kids doing here?” If that wasn’t enough damage… Continue reading Too Black to Swim Here

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Swimming Pretty

In case you missed it on Twitter, my husband says I would sell my soul to the devil if only the devil listened to me. WELL! Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to pack for my Pesach (Passover) in Los Angeles. In case, I need to unwind, I know I’ll be packing my Aqua Modesta swimsuit. Laugh… Continue reading Swimming Pretty