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Too Black to Swim Here

Did you hear the story about the African-American (and Hispanic) kids and the swim club? Basically, a camp took their kids to a private swim club (they had paid for the privilege) and while there, they heard all sorts of comments like “What are all these black kids doing here?” If that wasn’t enough damage inflicted on the campers, afterwards, the private swim club returned the camp’s $2000 check, without any explanation, telling them they would no longer have access to their pool.


I’m sure no one is missing that this is a pool. A pool where African-American and Hispanic kids heard racially charged comments. What are we in 1950? Is it possible that even in 2009 that those signs from way back when that read “No Coloreds” are now invisible but still ever-present as always? Did these kids cross an invisible line of race and class?

And isn’t it interesting that the Jewish community center has“offered its pool to the campers for the rest of the summer. Because, after all, didn’t those signs also used to read: “No Coloreds/No Jews”? 

Though the private club in a near unamimous vote decided the kids could come back, the campers weren’t buying it. 

7 thoughts on “Too Black to Swim Here

  1. sickening.

    I can't wait for the day 20 years from now when the children of those racist swim club members are being employed by the children from the camp, or have to get a loan from the bank where the campers are in charge, or some other similar situation.


  2. Seriously?! WTF? This is so gross. Just outrageous. I really don't even know what else to say beyond that. I am disgusted at these people. Disgraceful behavior.


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