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Seth J. Frantzman tells you what really happened when one Ethiopian woman’s conversion was annulled after a run-in with a cold-blooded but connected yeshiva student in “Terra Incognita: Where’s the justice for a working-class heroine?”

“High Court to rule on yeshiva student’s acquittal” makes you wonder if about the additions that could be made to the Ashkenazi Privilege list. “Outside the courtroom, Ethiopian-Israeli activists said that if Zoraish had not been Ethiopian and the defendant not haredi, the district court would have convicted him on the spot.”

2 thoughts on “Justice

  1. While it is little consolation to this poor woman, in the end, when both she and this man (I won't call him a rabbinical student, that shows too much respect)stand in judgement, both her dedication to justice and his perversion of it will be accounted for!


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