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Swimming Pretty

In case you missed it on Twitter, my husband says I would sell my soul to the devil if only the devil listened to me. WELL!

Meanwhile, I’m getting ready to pack for my Pesach (Passover) in Los Angeles. In case, I need to unwind, I know I’ll be packing my Aqua Modesta swimsuit.

Laugh if you must but at least, people are laughing at me when I’ll fully dressed, not in a bikini, you know?

And the innovative designer has come up with a skirt you can bike and use the treadmill in: the SKANT. It took me a second to figure out that this was a skirt/spant. Is it just me that special like that?

4 thoughts on “Swimming Pretty

  1. In America, most bike are designed on the racing bikes model. That is, they’re based on the style of racing bikes, even if they’re never going to be used that way. Imagine if, instead of being able to buy a minivan, every car available at that price point was a lousy Ferrari knockoff. That’s what the biking industry is like.Anyway, in Denmark, biking as a means of transport is much more common. And bikes for road use are designed to be bigger, heavier and easier to repair. There’s also bikes marketed to women that are designed so you can wear a skirt with them. When I have all the money in the world, I’m buying this one. See how the bar below the seat dips low so you can wear a skirt? I work out, I wear a thing long sleeve t-shirt (I like American Apparel’s Sheer Jersey ones) with leggings and a skirt over it. I bought a couple for cheap at Old Navy. I’m 5’3″ and the tall size easily covers my knees.


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