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Asian Stereotypes Exist….

Hey, while the most common Asian stereotype we hear about Asians is “Asians are smart!,” there are broader and more worrisome Asian stereotypes. My best friends in college were mostly Asian. Troubling to me was the fact that when two or more of then joined me in a class, the teachers seemed unable to tell… Continue reading Asian Stereotypes Exist….

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A Precious Movie

Precious is 16, in junior high school, can’t read or write and she’s pregnant with her second child. Her father is the father of her children. Her mother likes to hit her with a frying pan. She dreams of being in a fashion magazine and having a light-skinned boyfriend with “good hair.” Fab movie… Continue reading A Precious Movie

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Nothing comes between me and my Nutter Butter…nothing.

If you caught my last couple of Tweets on Twitter, then you know I made the most of flying all day from Los Angeles to New York. Boy, am I pooped and incidently, full of Nutter Butters, potato chips, Chex Mix (what diet?) and fruit (yes, I snuck some in). While I was on the… Continue reading Nothing comes between me and my Nutter Butter…nothing.

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The View on Good Hair

On Wednesday’s episode of “The View,” Chris Rock came by to discuss his documentary of the black hair industry, “Good Hair.” While the white hosts (Joy Behar and Barbara Walters) continually brought up the question of whether the purpose of the industry is to make black women look more like white women, the two black… Continue reading The View on Good Hair

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Support "Outside The Box"

Watch the trailer for Lacey Schwartz’s identity documentary, “Outside The Box”… …and help support it at this upcoming Benefit event in New York! For more details, check out:

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Why do people say…Baruch Dayan Emet?

It is with deep sadness that I announce that Shari Gershan, who was featured in a past post, “Having the Time of My Life” passed away this Yom Kippur. She had four children…now four motherless children. This is when it is hardest to understand G-d. Time of My Life from Tsvika on Vimeo.

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Having the "Time of My Life"

In her first documentary film, Time of My Life, Simcha Esther (Shari) Gershan shares her very personal story of hope, healing and spirit in the face of life threatening illness. Diagnosed with Stage 4 Lung Cancer, Simcha Ether, a vivacious mother of 4 young children, embarks on a relentless quest to heal her life. Her… Continue reading Having the "Time of My Life"

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Animated Torah!

Getting me to read the Parsha HaShuva, the weekly Torah portion, usually involves whining. On my part. Let it never be said that my yetzer hara is dead. But I’m working on it. Thanks to a little help from above, I’ve discovered “G-dcast.” Torah with pictures!!!!!!! Can you hear my excitement? So yeah, I’m a… Continue reading Animated Torah!

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Baseball has never been so sweet….

People who don’t even know where the Dominican Republic is know that Dominicans are good at baseball. My husband likes to joke that even though I’m by no means an athlete, I have a wicked curve ball. Is it in the blood? Check out this trailer for “Sugar”, the story of Miguel “Sugar” Santos, Dominican… Continue reading Baseball has never been so sweet….

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Another Conversion Documentary

“Leap of Faith” is another documentary focusing on conversion to Judaism. The trailer places a particular emphasis on the responses of Christian family members. This is not especially extraordinary considering that one of the top questions people ask converts is: “How did your family feel about it?” I think this film will go far towards… Continue reading Another Conversion Documentary