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Cool Jewish Events: Being Jewish in Spanish!

A warning, this trailer is definitely not for kids though the scene that inspired me to write this has children in it. Event: Press Film Screening of Nora’s Will (Cinco Dias Sin Nora) Date: Friday, October 15th, 2010 Time: 10am Place: Laemmle’s Royal Theatre, 11523 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90025-3094 Phone:(310) 478-3836 Details:… Continue reading Cool Jewish Events: Being Jewish in Spanish!

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Yoseph Robinson’s Funeral

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Yoseph Robinson Fund

Yoseph is survived by his parents; his children, Chelsea, Chae, Cordell and Chana and his girlfriend Lahava Shneor and a multitude of friends who will miss him dearly. Please watch this fascinating video and more from Yoseph Robinson’s YouTube page: Blogger MaNishtana will be collecting funds this week in order to donate Yom Kippur machzors… Continue reading Yoseph Robinson Fund

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Dreams of My Father

I don’t write about my Dad (“Papi”) as much as I write about my mother. My father hightailed it when I was 4. My younger sister was one. He came back after they were divorced and made me another sister. While my parents were still married, my father made me a half-sibling which I later… Continue reading Dreams of My Father

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Do Jews believe in an afterlife?

In another hilarious episode of Jew in the City, Allison Josephs answers: Do Jews believe in the afterlife? And do check out her article in The Jewish Press, “Extreme Makeover: Orthodox Edition” that explains why she’s on a public relations mission to revamp the imagine Jews and non-Jews alike have of Orthodox Jews.

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Why do people say…Baruch Dayan Emet?

It is with deep sadness that I announce that Shari Gershan, who was featured in a past post, “Having the Time of My Life” passed away this Yom Kippur. She had four children…now four motherless children. This is when it is hardest to understand G-d. Time of My Life from Tsvika on Vimeo.