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Gratitude is nice

My aunt has been trying to get me to keep a gratitude journal since I was in college. But I was all like, sure, I have a full scholarship and I got to run away from home but what do I have to be grateful for? I was so poor in college I ate tuna… Continue reading Gratitude is nice

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Binary Soul (Responding at Racialicious)

A Binary Soul is a really evocative piece at but then most of the posts there often are. In the piece, an Asian American talks about feeling like his two identities are tearing him in part. He doesn’t feel Asian American, he’s either wholly Asian or wholly American and the dominant identity depends on… Continue reading Binary Soul (Responding at Racialicious)

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Brown Baby

In an article in Newsweek, “Beyond Just Black and White,” Raina Kelley writes about wishing her biracial son looked black. It was an utterly honest, perhaps controversially honest, portrayal of one African-American woman’s hopes for her half-white, half-black son. She ended the piece beautifully when she discovered that her son‘s skin was neither black nor… Continue reading Brown Baby

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My Mother Wore Tight Pants

My mother wore tight pants. It was an integral part of the uniform worn by other Dominican women in the Washington Heights neighborhood where we lived. And my Dominican mother, an immigrant to this part of New York City, always dressed to code. My mother’s ritual for getting dressed was…elaborate. My sisters and I marveled… Continue reading My Mother Wore Tight Pants

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Italy Trip Recap: Down and dirty in the city

Writing in Rome. When I came back from the Pico-Robertson area of Los Angeles where my husband was standing in as a rabbinic intern, the first thing I noticed about New York was that it was really dirty. Had the city always been so filthy or was I just desensitized to it? I suspected that… Continue reading Italy Trip Recap: Down and dirty in the city

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Second Draft: A Survivor

I’m hoping to enter this piece in a contest or submit it to one of the magazines that it’s my goal to get my work in this year. I recently received a devastating rejection from one magazine. The editor was wonderful about it and she gave me a connection to another editor. We’ll see what… Continue reading Second Draft: A Survivor

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Scheduling Myself Happy

I had been kicking myself about the fact I have no schedule when I finally realized, I do have one, it’s just that I don’t like it. I can’t seem to tear myself away from the computer and work and intermittent instant messaging, emailing and Twittering when I need to be at the gym or… Continue reading Scheduling Myself Happy