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Obama Loses the Olympics and Scores the Nobel Peace Prize. Not a Bad Day at the Office?

While I was watching Battlestar Galattica with the lovely ladies above, I heard President Barack Obama, who I voted for, had been awarded a Nobel Peace Prize. The first thing I said was, “For what?” or maybe I said “What the frack?” (See, I can curse Battlestar Galattica style!)

I was just totally freaking shocked. Had the war in Iraq ended? The war in Afghanistan? The battle for peace in the Middle East? The war on hate crimes in America? Had anything happened since before I heard he won the award?

Apparently, not much.

So I rather shockingly DID NOT ask the white Jewish birther (you know, the one who doesn’t think Obama was born in the United States) in my family what he thought about it. (I wonder if he knows John McCain was born on a naval base in Panama. Probably doesn’t care since, you know, John McCain is white.)

I did, however, want to get my black Jewish friend’s outlook on the whole thing and I imagined I wasn’t the only one talking his ear off about it so in a preemptive strike, he wrote: “You Down with O.P.P.?”

Blogger MaNishtana begins:

since it happened in the midst of the hectic festival season, i was otherwise occupied and thus gonna just let this media wonderment slip by uncommented upon. however, it was constantly kept on the forefront of my mind as, like i said, it was in the midst of the festival season, which means i
was spending inordinate amounts of time around fellow orthodox jews. orthodox jews, as we know, generally are not fans of obama. even to the point of changing the wording of
the “prayer for the govt” when obamas views on israel dont
exactly mesh with theirs. [which makes me wonder if
they did the same when carter was in office, but thats a race card i dont particularly feel like playing. Read on….

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