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Barack Obama and Peace in America

From New York Magazine:

Son says to father: “Where are you getting this racist nonsense?”

Father says to son: “On the Internet.”

And that is the premise of this piece in The Huffington Post, “The “Post-Racial” Mainstream Media and the New American Racism”, which claims the racism we’re not reading about in our newspapers is hitting the Internet and our email inboxes with increasing speeds.

If you were worried about the cartoons your children are watching, you should be me worried about the ones they’ll find on the news. Here’s one of two mentioned in the piece….

In the defense to print journalism, New York Magazine printed a rather lengthy but insightful piece asking “Who is Barack Obama?” and “And why do people say such loopy, ugly things about him?” The article made me want to pull the covers over my head and hide…from America.

6 thoughts on “Barack Obama and Peace in America

  1. Actually, I'm somewhat heartened. If people could accuse Bush of genocide with a straight face, at least we see that Obama isn't entirely immune from equally outrageous accusations. If Americans will be idiots, at least they'll be impartial idiots.


  2. Okay, clarification: my above response concerns the photographs of political rallies against Obama, which, at least as far as I can tell, don't seem particularly racist per se; they just seem absurdly exaggerated. It was that which I said heartened me, given what happened to Bush, etc.

    But my response to the Huffington Post article would be a very different one.


  3. Read the New York magazine piece if you have a chance. It's incredible. A little repetitive.

    Um, did you miss the photo of him as Osama Bin Laden and the use of Muslim as a dirty word. No, not racist per se but a certain kind of prejudice Bush didn't see.


  4. I wonder where these racists came from. Did they wait until Obama became President or are they simply more vocal and getting more coverage?

    The racists and their coverage actually help Obama. His spin doctors can portray any critic as a racist. Some of it seems like a whiny response to all the faux sophisticate pseudo-intellectuals comparing Bush to Hitler or any other wild accusation. I believe Bush and Obama are both puppets of some greater force, and it seems to be one hell of a bait and switch game.

    Now, what if the President was Colin Powell? I am sure there would be racism at play, but would it be as over-sized? I hate the Hitler comparisons. It is lazy to compare any authoritarian with one of the greatest examples of evil in the 20th century (Stalin, Mao, and Pol Pot are also up there for that award), it discounts the severity of Hitler's actions, it should only apply to dictators who engage in genocide, and it is used too often.

    The only things Obama even has in common with Hitler are Keynesian economics and strong charisma, and that clearly isn't enough to make such an ugly comparison.

    I also wonder if his election wasn't actually a form of paternalistic racism where whites voted for him because he is a black man who speaks well (he was also in the opposite party from Bush).


  5. I am thrilled that America has a president of color. As someone from a mixed background, I think his ethnicity represents America, but I don't think his policies do. Unfortunately, it seems that the shade of Obama's skin allows him to push the political envelope to never-before-seen limits. If anyone questions his leanings or his history of extreme associates, the questioner is all the sudden deemed a 'racist'. I think if Obama were white, the whole world would be responding to his policies more objectively than they are. But most people would rather talk about his skin color instead of the direction he is taking the country.


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