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Diagnosis: Culture Shock

Imagine my surprise when I recently heard one convert’s qualms about “Jewish nosiness” (in the words of other converts) diagnosed as “culture shock.”

Well, an enormous amount of people seem to be suffering from this “culture shock.” And some of them were born Jewish. They just don’t happen to “look Jewish,” by which of course I am referencing that good old Ashkenazi stereotype of what a Jew looks like.

And don’t think this “culture shock” only affects Jews of color. It also affects Caucasian Jews, especially Caucasian women (read: especially blonds and even redheads) who have frequently confessed to me they have been called “shiksas” or have also been asked to prove their Jewishness by other Jews. Many of them responded with a hearty “hell ya!” when they read my “Funny, You Don’t Look Jewish” article.

The only thing shocking is how many people are willing to totally disregard the feelings of these “culture shocked Jews” by making excuses for the Jews that routinely victimize them. I can’t imagine how many blond Jews and Jews of color have been told they were “overreacting.” And so, Jewish rudeness, Jewish NOSINESS lives on.

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