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Stop in the name of pants!

Meanwhile, over at Frum Satire, Heshy gave my blog some love by reposting my stand-up comedy routine on pants: “I Don’t Wear Pants Anymore”

But somehow, the comments thread quickly turned into a conversation about whether or not you can be Orthodox and wear pants. 
Did people miss the jokes or is it possible that stand-up comedy can spark giggles and deep religious/philosophical conversation?

6 thoughts on “Stop in the name of pants!

  1. Aliza –

    A lot of the people that post comments on there do not have a sense of humor, nor do they realize that a satirical post shouldn't be taken to heart, so they always have to turn it around into some kind of discussion of “how jewish are you”. It's ridiculous.

    I put up a story on there about how I go treated so badly on a date and wanted to share it with them for a laugh, and they ended up calling me a whore because I accepted free drinks. Go figure.

    They read what they want, comprehend it as such and then make stupid comments that don't have anything to do with what you were writing about.

    I have a big butt so I thought it was hilarious!


  2. I think it's halachically okay for a lady to wear pants.

    I also think that everyone gets to decide what's halachically acceptable for themselves based on their own community/learning/philosophy.

    I *ALSO* think that your standup was funny and that some people are missing the joke.


  3. Yeah, I have thought about this when I see girls who are obviously Jewish… but, playing games with tznius. You know what I mean. They wear long sleeves and tight skirt which ends pretty shy of the knees and then there's a nice slit up the back. Frequently, they throw in some prostitute-looking heels.

    Frum Curious,
    As I said on Frum Satire, the guys are creeps and they look for an excuse to not act proper. If they aren't trying to sleep with you, they are asking stupid questions:


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