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Reprint: Thoughts on Race and Gates

If you couldn’t get enough of my piece in last week’s Jewish Journal, then you can see it again at the Tolerant Nation blog “Thoughts on Race and Gates” and on Jewlicious.

In case you don’t have the Jewish Journal in front of you, here are the Letters they received in response to my piece last week. One reader says she “shares in [my] pain and frustration” and offers that “bigotry for [Jews] is stupid.” The second reader swears “New York Jews are far more racist than Los Angeles Jews” and invites me over for an “inter-racial Shabbaton.”
Let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Reprint: Thoughts on Race and Gates

  1. It is nice that you get an invitation, though hopefully they won't be like Meathead from All In The Family who started almost every conversation with Lionel about black issues.

    Something tells me the reason behind certain racial issues in NYC are tied to the Crown Heights Riots, and Al Sharpton.


  2. Thomas,

    You're being very reductionist. If you knew your history, then you would know that their was tenuous relationships between African-Americans and Jews starting with the 1930s. Read “Rethinking the Color Line,” which explores the issue in depth.

    BTW, when you study the issue as in depth neither side is particularly innocent. Both groups have done egregious things that have heightened the divide. Honestly, it is one of those rifts that will never be healed.


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