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Aliza Goes to Oxnard

My husband and I took a mini-trip up to Oxnard last week. I was not too happy about it. I mean, does Oxnard sound like an exciting place to you? I can’t think of an uglier name for a place right now.

Worst of all, when we got there, we discovered our phones didn’t work. Suddenly, I was in a world without Twitter, Facebook, my blog…a crazy, crazy world! Good thing I hadn’t brought my laptop or else I would have been really disappointed. Some people thought being sucked into this technological black hole would lead to more bonding experiences but I can’t tell you how many Law & Order episodes I watched while everyone else went to “happy hour.”

My favorite things about staying in the hotel in Oxnard:

1. The Sharp flat-screen TVs
2. HBO on said TV
3. My Kindle had Internet access on the beach
4. The giant comfy bed
5. Visiting the Walmart nearby

Everyone else’s favorite things:
1. The  beach
2. The bicycling
3. Happy Hour
4. Happy Hour (I can’t stress this one enough)
5. Bonding
Things I Wish I’d done:
1. Visited the Chabad of Oxnard
2. Whale watching
3. Bicycling
4. Sailing on a yacht (in a pretend universe where I have money for these things)
5. Gotten up before 11am
Okay, obviously, I really need to take going to Oxnard more seriously next time around. But honestly, going to the beach in California takes some getting used to. It took me a while to realize that going to the beach here is to New Yorkers like going to Central Park. People go to the beach here just to hang out. Most of the time, they don’t even get in the water because it’s too cold. In fact, sometimes it’s pretty windy at the beach too (it definitely was in Oxnard).
In New York, I only went to the beach (Brighton Beach) on the stickiest, hottest most sweltering disgusting days in the summer when there was absolutely nothing you wanted to do more than chuck yourself in the brisk Atlantic Ocean. I have yet to stick my toes in the Pacific though I have big plans to do so. Every time I go to the beach though, I can’t help wishing I was in the Dominican Republic where the water’s warm, the people are even warmer and the beaches are “perfect.”

The best part of the trip to Oxnard was going to the restaurant, Baron Herzog where we took a tour of the winery after having the most delicious meal. I could have had the most fancy, unpronounceable foods but instead, I had a big, hearty juicy burger. The best part was dessert when I had the most exquisite parve flan. In an instant, I was thrown back to those happy times in my childhood when my sister and I would make flan together instead of trying to beat each other unconscious.

Weirdest part of the trip to Oxnard? Someone noticed me at the restaurant! A nice, Jewish gentleman came over to tell me he had enjoyed my article in the Jewish Journal of Los Angeles last week. My family has decided this means I’m “famous.” Let’s hope that’s a good thing.

One thought on “Aliza Goes to Oxnard

  1. Wow Aliza, you really seem to have the beach on your mind!

    Check out your next-to-last paragraph!

    “In an instant, I was thrown back to those happy times in my childhood when my sister and I would make flan together instead of trying to beach each other unconscious.”

    Hey – maybe you guys used Israeli “matkot” paddles on each other!

    Religion and State in Israel


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