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Being a Cool Jew on Independence Day!

I am spending this 4th of July in good company out here in Los Angeles with many cool folk from the synagogue where my husband is interning. We’re having a major Sheva Brachot blast to celebrate a recent wedding. Since the 4th falls on Shabbat, we won’t be barbecuing but you can be sure that once Shabbat is over, I will find the nearest kosher burger joint open on Saturday night. Yum!!!! (Though not so good for my thighs, I suppose. That’s the part that is getting more and more Dominican as time goes on.)

And while eating my burger, I will contemplate what it means to be Jewish and American, American and Jewish since, incidentally, these thoughts scored me some cool stuff over at ModernTribe where I wrote in about being an American Jew/Jewish American as my entry for the Cool Jew 4th of July Giveaway! Do you think my Dominican side feels left out? Not to worry, the colors on the American flag are the same as the colors on the Dominican flag so you know, it’s all good.

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