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Loving the Jewish diversity

Okay, how many times can I blog about Be’chol Lashon, seriously? I can’t help it. I love their monthly newsletter. Even with being a Jewminicana myself, it’s easy to forget how diverse Jews are when I show up at a typical Jewish lifecycle function and I’m the darkest person in the room. Okay, sometimes there are darker folks but man, can people please stop giving my hair the look already? I know it’s big. Just get over it. Haven’t you ever heard of a Jew ‘fro? Come on!

So, the latest newsletter has really outdone itself. We’ve got Japanese Jews, Jews of the Carribean, Jews in Mexico, Indian Jews, African Jews…ah, the Jewish world is so beautiful and so colorful! If you’re not already getting the Be’chol Lashon newsletter, sign up for it. Send it to your friends so that we can change the pervasive mentality (Jewish or otherwise) that says all Jews have to look like Woody Allen or Natalie Portman, which unfortunately for the last one, last time I checked, I don’t.

Now read up on… having Japanese-Jewish roots or about Jews of the Carribean or what it’s like being Jewish in Mexico.

To submit articles of interest that relate to Jewish diversity to the newsletter, email Esther Fishman,

And if all that diversity has got you terrified, well, 1. why are you reading this blog? and 2. check out Chabad’s Question of the Week “Is Diversity Good for Jews?”

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