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Jewish Myths

All Jews are white or Eastern European. (And eat kugel and gefilte fish and cholent every Shabbat because otherwise, they wouldn’t REALLY be Jewish.)

Jews don’t welcome converts. (Is this a myth? Alright, in some communities it is. But in others, as we’ve seen in Israel and South America, it’s a fact. A sad, sad, sad reality.)

Rabbis are male. (Even secular Jews have a problem with this which I find very interesting.)

There are the myths that Sandy Sasso, a Reconstructionist rabbi, tries to debunk in “Debunking the myths of Judaism” but how much can one little article in The Indianapolis Star do? Well a lot if you send it to all your friends and their friends and then Facebook and Twitter about it!

4 thoughts on “Jewish Myths

  1. It isn't entirely related, but an ethnic favorite of mine Shepard's Pie is treyf in its traditional manner, but Amy's has an organic pareve version, which may not be Ashkenaz, but it's kosher and that is what counts.


  2. I've known Rabbi Sasso for over three decades now and the tragedy about her piece is that once again the comments she received were so hateful. I will use this as a trigger article for discussion among my religious school students next year. Thanks for sharing it!


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