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Commenting on my blog

You might have noticed that when you comment on my blog posts, it does not go into moderation. This is because, for the most part unless something is truly vile, I have let people share their thoughts, disagreeable or otherwise, on my blog. I read each and every comment though I do not, cannot, respond to every single one.

Recently, there has been a rash of hateful comments. Comments bashing different movements in Judaism and different kinds of Jews, comments bashing Yeshivat Chovevei Torah (which my husband attends) and comments bashing Rabbi Avi Weiss (whose synagogue I attend in Riverdale). And while I understand how hard it is for some to believe, I do not represent either YCT or Rabbi Avi Weiss and his synagogue so I will not let my blog become a forum for attacks on either.

Also, I do not represent all of Judaism, Modern Orthodox, Orthodox or not. Mostly, I represent ME. That said, I will not let my forum become a place to attack Judaism or Jews, Modern Orthodox or not. 

Before commenting on my posts, I would think wisely. Too many people hid behind “Anonymous” when they comment with words that are truly disgraceful to Judaism, Jews and well, the human race.

If your comments are so divisive and disgusting that you don’t even want people to know your name, then maybe it’s not something you want to post on my blog.

In the future, I will still allow you to comment as you wish but be forewarned that I won’t stand for nonsense. I didn’t put up with it in my classroom and I certainly won’t put it with it now. Go ahead and comment, but if you start to embarrass yourself, I won’t hesitate to delete. 

3 thoughts on “Commenting on my blog

  1. I can relate. At various times, Ive been forced to switch Teaneck Progress to registered commenter only mode. Funny thing is that anyone can register with a fake name and continue to make vile comments, but for some reason the extra step and the possibility of being traced seems to drive away the vilest commenters.

    I suspect that some people who live in a very restrictive
    milieu use the anonymity of blogs to let off steam.


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