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Blacks and Jews: Tension or Comedy?

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Blacks and Jews
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Blacks and Jews, everyone knows that this relationship has been fraught with tension in America. Things were really “tight” between the two groups during the Civil Rights movement but then things, kind of, went awry. 
Jon Stewart and Larry Wilmore want to fix things. Check out their hilarious attempts at solving the tension between the two groups on The Daily Show. Many thanks to the Huffington Post for putting this clip on their site, “Jon Stewart And Larry Wilmore Squash The Beef Between Blacks And Jews (VIDEO)”.
On a more serious note, you can read my interview with African-American Jewish convert Ernest H. Adams on his book, “From Ghetto to Ghetto” and what he had to say about the relationship between African Americans and Jews in America. 
Tablet magazine recently featured an article called “Shades of Gray” about a musical duo that opens new chapter in the history of black-Jewish collaboration. 

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