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My Jesus Year

I rarely buy hardcover books by unknown authors. It’s only for the steady stream of authors I’ve come to love that I’m willing to fork over hardcover prices. But then my friend in Atlanta told me about “My Jesus Year.” She couldn’t put it down and she couldn’t stop laughing, she said.

The author, Benyamin Cohen, is an Orthodox rabbi’s son. Cohen (who is not a Kohen) is married to a wife who converted to Judaism and happens to be the daughter of a Christian minister. When Cohen’s relationship to his faith hits an all-time low, Cohen decides to spend a year visiting churches. He’s not interested in converting, but he is interested in reviving the passion he once had for Judaism through close contact with Christians who are passionate about their own faith.

I haven’t read the book yet. It’s stacked on top of two books by converts, Girl Meets G-d and Coming Home and a litany of other books on writing. The reading never ends!

Here’s an review of “My Jesus Year” in the Metro Spirit. There’s also an interview with author Benyamin Cohen at NPR.

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