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Behind on the writing

Hello, little blog. I am making you very sad by not writing as much as I’d like to write. I promise to write much more in the coming weeks.

In fact, I owe you a good post on the JCC Manhattan talk I attended today, Jews of Color: Wrestling with the Angel of Identity, which was advertised as:

“Join Joel Sanchez, LMSW, and member of the Jewish Multiracial Network and a panel of Jews of color, as they discuss identity obstacles faced by Jews of color within the mainstream Jewish community and within their own core racial/ethnic communities in the United States. The panel will discuss their struggles as well as the transformative and integrative aspects of these struggles. The evening will include a film on the African-American and Caribbean- American Jewish experience and an opportunity for questions and discussion.”

It was incredible! Explosive!

But alas, it’s bedtime.

I do want to post links to: Swirl, a national multi-ethnic organization that challenges society’s notions of race through community building, education, and action. Director Jen Chau spoke at the talk.

Also, check out The Jewish Multiracial Network of which moderator, Joel Sanchez, is a member. I hope to attend their 11th Annual Retreat this summer.

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