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Family Time

Judaism is an extreme sport as it is but then no one told me about how things can go haywire when you throw “family time” into the mix. With a holiday every other month, sometimes every other week, it seems that Jewish families, especially Orthodox ones, get thrown together much more often than I was exposed to with yearly visits on Christmas and Thanksgiving.

Only two times a year, and sometimes even rarely that, could my fractured family ever suffer to be in the same room for any extended period of time.

It seems that most of my friends survived Pesach (Passover) by surviving their families. Sure, they all laughed during the good times..but sometimes, they also (almost) cried through the bad times. And when there wasn’t crying, there was often…yelling!

I told someone that “family time” on a yom tov (Jewish holiday) reminds me of those bad Chevy Chase movies where he dragged his entire brood on vacation and thusly, chaos ensued. Through my fuzzy mathematics, I have observed that family plus bonding equals total, complete and utter chaos.

And yet, I’ve also deduced that family bonding is under no circumstances avoidable at any cost. Jewish people would rather suffer through their relatives than excommunicate them. And that’s, like, totally normal.

This is madness, I tell you, MADNESS!

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