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The best laid plans of mice and men…

If you’re keeping abreast of my fan page then you know that my sister and my husband have threatened to hide my computer and/or my appointment book because I am “over doing it.” And this is since I decided to take a step back from the many projects I was working on. Okay, so I did notice that I kept double booking and triple booking myself for the same days, sometimes even at the same time.

So much to do…but so little energy, time and money to do it. As usual, I’m having that age old problem of not being able to balance as well as just ignoring my body when I shouldn’t. I hope that I can spend the next couple of months in New York, trying to get my priorities straight. I know it will be a lifelong battle but I’ve got to start making changes FAST. In the meantime, thanks to a horrible dose of chronic fatigue and pain I am curled up with TV, yoga DVDs, books and of course, my parsha cartoon.

Parshat Shemot from

More Torah cartoons at

2 thoughts on “The best laid plans of mice and men…

  1. Aliza,

    PLEASE take care of yourself. I discovered your blog and am looking forward to reading it each time I get an update. But you will be no good to anyone if your physical problems get to you. We'll be patient while you get better.


  2. Yeah, Bad Cohen finally realized that 3 academic classes plus chorus and voice lessons, plus, you know, working for pay and being a dad, was a leeetle too much for his F-M body to handle.

    It would be nice if he realized this BEFORE overdoing it, so he didn't spend the whole weekend on the couch, groaning.


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