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Good news is good news

I’ve got a heck of a conversion news roundup coming up next week if I can get it together. Some of the news is bleak, some of the news isn’t so bad. Generally, I’ve noticed that news isn’t always so uplifting and I’ve worried that reading so much sad news about conversion would really affect how I felt about my decision to convert. I know while many people have told me they are always eager for my news roundups that others say that can’t read through so many depressing news about conversion to Judaism.

But there is good news that doesn’t make THE NEWS very often. For instance, stand-up comedian Yisrael Campbell, an Italian/Irish convert to Judaism, recently announced that he and his wife had a little boy that now joins twin older siblings. If you haven’t seen Yisrael’s show “Circumcise Me” then you have until February to catch it off-Broadway. (See details for a discount on this previous blog.) And if you’re thinking, what’s the big deal, so this guy and his wife had a kid, then you really need to see this show so that you understand how much of Campbell’s previous life (which included drug and alcohol abuse) before finding Judaism suggested that little miracles like this wouldn’t and couldn’t have happened to him. He really worked a great deal to make them happen.
Blogger Chaviva of Just Call Me Chaviva recently announced news worthy of a double “Mazel tov!” She recently completed her Orthodox conversion and got engaged soon after. (She met her fiancée on JDate after completing her Reform conversion.) Chaviva writes beautifully and with great profundity of her journey to Judaism (from Reform to Orthodox) and despite her recent trip to the mikvah, in many ways, it’s a journey that really has just begun and I know I’ll be reading closely to see where it takes her.
So there are countless happy stories about converts and if I can manage it, I’ll make sure you hear about those stories, too.

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